Mike is the owner of a long standing pool contracting business who has for years simply sent his sales force to customer appointments armed with only a pen and pad. Everyone was frustrated with missed estimates, incorrect pricing and the inability to quickly give an update to customers. This led them to start questioning their process and sparked an inquiry into possible software solutions.

Softwerks designed and developed a mobile sales tool with an administrative portal that enables management to control pricing, stock availability and the most current product data. We implemented an installation scheduler and multiple reports that detail sales performance.

Now his sales team is armed with a tool that displays product data, photos, technical drawings and also gives customers instant pricing. They can add product inventory, assign pricing and deliver it to the customers through email. Not only have errors been significantly reduced, but the sales team can convert prospects into sales more quickly with everything at their fingertips.
  • Date: July 2013
  • Fields: Mobile, Web, iOS, Android
  • Client: Dade Pools